Sunday, 15 February 2009

A busy weekend

I've had quite a weekend - partly busy with "life" (the extra needs of my autistic son definitely eat into my crafting time!) but also I've made time to satisfy my crafty desires. Today we went to Duck Pond Market, in Ruislip. Set in a renovated barn and with a fantastic community vibe it really stirred up my creative spirit - to see so many people displaying their crafts was really inspiring. It felt as though people were making the effort to turn up and see what was out there, which was really positive. There's a recession on and I think it could go one of two ways for crafters - either people are going to be thinking of ethical, quality, unique gifts and purchases and therefore heading for hand crafted items, or they're going to look for cut price goods. I know which I'm hoping will be the more popular choice!
So this evening I've managed to load a few more items onto my Folksy shop. Here are some photos of the bits I added, including a couple of new lines.

This is a rich brown version of my "Hug" scarf - I like it so much I've made one for myself. It's made from Rowan Ribbon Twist, which is a stunning yarn with a ribbon highlight throughout. Sadly the yarn is discontinued, so grab a "Hug" while I can still source the yarn!

This cute little pink fluffy item is pretty versatile - with a keyhole integrated it stays put whatever the weather. It could be worn by a child as a scarf or an adult as a neckwarmer. It's very warm and super cute!

These are my crocheted headbands and hair scrunchies - they're really pretty and should be a good eye catching and affordable purchase. Hopefully they'll entice people to my shop or stall!

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Black Rose said...

Love your 'Hug' scarf Shamu and
I too am hoping that even though there is a recession on and people hunt for bargains - that more people turn to handmade for the reasons you mention (and visit our online shops or craft stalls to buy)!