Thursday, 19 February 2009

Crafting with children..

should never be attmpted! But I never learn and end up cross and frustrated with balls of yarn tangled around my feet, snapped crochet hooks and chewed up knitting needles. You'd think I would take the hint and only persue my addiction when the children are in bed, but when Bea appears to have settled down to watch Shrek for the 100th time, it's just too tempting! In fairness, she usually only starts playing with my bits when I have to get up to deal with James and can't put my article away safely. This time last year, I wrote a post on Ravelry asking how other people dealt with their toddler pulling their knitting off their needles - I received several helpful posts (and have now switched to circular needles for most of my projects - genius!) but I also got told off by several posters. I was a neglectful mother who should take more care of my child, as knitting needles are dangerous items that could cause significant damage to my toddler. I should always move my knitting out of reach of my poor, neglected child so as not to hurt her. I shouldn't ever knit with a toddler around. To be honest, I would be quite sad if I didn't share my passion for yarn with Bea - she is so aware of yarn and my crafting she is constantly asking me "what are you knitting?" or making comments on my yarn "ooh, lovely beautfiul colours mummy". I've caught her with some of my big crochet hooks and scraps of yarn, and she sits there trying to "knit" - very cute! I want her to learn to use her hands, to feel the weight and warmth of yarn and fibre, to watch her create an item from a ball of wool, to anticpate the finished article. I think I need to nuture this interest because if it wasn't for people passing their knowledge down over the centuries I probably wouldn't be knitting and crocheting now. I always find it a bit upsetting that my own mother wasn't keen to teach me to knit, and I have vowed to do differently by my daughter.

I'm currently working on a selection of little bags - I have lots of ideas and can't wait to crochet and knit them up! I've got a couple of children's bags and an adult shoulder bag which I'll be listing this weekend if we can take pics. I really like them, the colours are bright and sunny and there's enough yarn left over for me to make some more scrunchies and headbands.

My most recent addition to Folksy is this gorgeous scarf, knitted in Mirasol Sulka - the yarn is the softest, warmest, snuggliest thing I've ever knitted with and I will be so happy to see this find a new home. It's a fairtrade yarn so perfect in the run up to Fairtrade Fortnight! The stitching is really lovely - textured and eye catching without being fussy. I really enjoyed knitting it and can't wait for next autumn when I'll make some more.


Anonymous said...

What a gorgous scarf! And sorry to hear you had some snarky comments about knitting with toddlers around. It's a great thing to do - Amanda Soule in her book the Creative Family talks beautifully about how her children loved to watch her knit and eventually learn themselves. When they were small she gave them each their own basket with wool, measuring tape, needle holders etc to play with.

I just think even if the child isn't joining in, it's really important that they see their mum enjoying a creative, fulfilling activity. Something she does just for herself.

sooziebee said...

i loooovvvvve this scarf, popping to folksy NOW!