Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The Stone Soup Challenge

As the last twelve months have unfolded (or should that be unravelled....) I have found myself more aware about the provenance of my food. We shop locally, I am currently boycotting Tesco, I buy as much as possible from my farmer's market (sadly, it isn't that large, so the choice is quite limited, but Duck Pond Market should be better) and I buy Fairtrade and organic where that choice is available and within my budget. We cook 95% of our food from scratch (including fish goujons, curry and chicken nuggets) and I use my slow cooker at least twice a week in winter, allowing me to use cheap cuts of meat and make tasty, good value food for the family.

It makes sense for me to now commit to buying "luxuries" more ethically and to support other small businesses. I have therefore signed up to The Stone Soup Challenge and am pledging to spend at least 15% of my net profits from personal sales on Folksy, Etsy and craft fairs on buying from other artists. I don't think this will be too hard, though, as I've calculated this week alone I've spent around 250% of my net sales EVER!!! Darn Folksy with it's lovelies such as this bag that I've just bought from Oh Gosh!

I'm sitting at home at the moment waiting for the postman to ring the bell!

As a reader of this blog, I would urge you to sign up for the pledge, even if you aren't a craftsperson yourself. Perhaps set aside a budget for handmade, homecrafted items and treat yourself - you will be amazed at what's out there.

For more information read this blog: The Stone Soup Challenge

Happy spending!

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