Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Coming out of hiding!

It's been a long time... Too long. This little blog has been hibernating over winter, but it's spring now and time to come out and play. I've been a busy little thing over the winter months, mostly preparing stock for my stall at various craft fairs. To be honest, the effects of the recession seem to be hitting crafters quite significantly. From recent discussions on Folksy several of us noticed that people were interested in and intrigued by our crafted goods, but not enough to make a purchase. I have a lot of plans to make affordable, small items over the coming months - it's not the size of the present that matters!
As we move towards spring, my thoughts are turning to the use of lighter cottons and summer weight materials. I have recently started dyeing yarn at home - the effects of Kool Aid are quite dramatic (enough to make me wonder why on earth anyone would drink the stuff - if it dyes yarn permanently what is it doing to your intestine????!!!). I can't wait to get hold of some undyed cottons and dye them up - though I'll be using slightly more muted colours I imagine.

Here are a couple of my recent creations - keep an eye on my Folksy shop over the coming days for some new items and lines. It's an exciting time of year and as the spring bulbs blossom so too should my creative streak.

Green wrap in Manos del Uruguay wool and silk blend - read more about the co-operative here A gorgeous long length wrap/stole in an open mesh stitch. This is both light and warm - the perfect combination - and could easily be worn throught the year due to the yarn used.

A stunning crocheted scarf in recycled sari silk from Cafe Knit. Amazing colours from this one of a kind yarn - each skein is completely unique. The colours speak for themselves.

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