Sunday, 28 September 2014

Weekend WIPs

It's been another busy week - I have a stall at Duck Pond Market in Highgate next Sunday and am getting yarn labelled and display ideas finalised plus knitting up a few samples so that you can see my yarn knitted up.  I'm very excited and will have my handy helper (aka my daughter) helping me set up and sell!  If you are popping in to see me then make sure you check out my Facebook page on Saturday where I'll be sharing a code word to get a little treat from my stall!

I have finished my gorgeous Frangipani shawl but need to block it.  Hopefully I'll get it blocked this week so I can wear it on Sunday!

My current design, a moebius cowl, is still on the needles but progressing well.  I seem to spend too much time on social media and networking to get it finished so planning to plough through it this evening!

My long term project, a beautiful Garter Squish, is progressing slowly but surely.  Very pleased to be working on this on cooler nights but this weekend has been warm and muggy in London, so I've put it to one side.

I had a meeting with the lovely Catchloops this week - watch this space for some fabulous collaborations.

What have you been up to this week?

Monday, 22 September 2014

Weekend WIPs

It's been a busy week and weekend.  I took delivery of 9kg of yarn on Monday so spent a lot of the week dyeing and drying!

This lot

has been in part dyed and dried!

Just have to get it all labelled and photos taken for the Etsy shop!

This weekend has mostly been about singing - my daughter was singing with The IVY League Chorus for their last rehearsal before the annual LABBS convention in October and then on Sunday I spent the whole day with Capital Connection while we had a coaching session with the incredible Cindy Hansen.  

So there hasn't been a lot of time for knitting.

My Frangipani is nearly finished - pictures after blocking next week!  I've been adding beads in the lower half so am beading the cast off too.  It looks really pretty.

Not made much progress on anything else but I am hoping that I'll be updating next week with a new design all of my own!

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Weekend WIPs

As I work on Wednesdays I think my wip posts are definitely weekend posts!

Currently on my needles are:

Frangipani in green and purple hues of Shamu Makes yarn. About 6 rows left. Hopefully I'll finish that tomorrow and will have a picture some time next week

Curious Collective design and knit along shawl  - using a Shamu makes BFL sock yarn in "woodland Sprite" with a chocolate brown alpaca as contrast. I've chosen to be in the Enchanted Forest tribe. The pattern is lovely and I'm adoring how the colours are working together in the variegated part. Just a few rows until I'm on the lace.

Garter squish - the perfect autumn/ winter stash buster blanket!  I'm using up all sorts of oddments and it's stunning. The I cord edging is really easy and effective and I'll be incorporating it into a design of my own very soon!

I have a couple of projects to block this week - pictures later

What have you got on your needles?

Monday, 8 September 2014

A lovely little knitalong

It hasn't all been quiet on the crafting front here at Shamu HQ.  Whilst I haven't been dyeing or selling for a while I have made time to create things for the family and friends.  Lately I've been addicted to shawl knitting - I love how you can turn a single skein of special sock yarn into a stunning and special shawl with a few lace repeats and some patience.  There are so many lovely shawl patterns out there that I can't begin to name my favourites but recently I have become a major fan of Helen Stewart's designs and am embarking on my fourth shawl from her as part of her "Curious Collective Design and Knitalong" that is being hosted on her blog/podcast/Ravelry.  Her website is Curious Handmade and as well as knitting her shawls I have been catching up with her podcast.  The DKAL pattern was released today and is absolutely lovely - see here.  I'm knitting it in a variegated BFL sock in "Woodland Sprite" and a chocolate brown alpaca blend sock yarn, both dyed by me.  I can't wait to see how this progresses and am looking forward to seeing other people's shawls developing.

Why not join me in the knit along?  There's plenty of time to join, and if you ask nicely I'm sure I can find a skein or two of yarn for you!


Sunday, 7 September 2014

Needs must!

A couple of days ago, my Ravelry pattern feed showed me a stunning lace weight waterfall shaped open cardigan that I just had to purchase. Soubrette looks simple with an unusual construction but stunning once completed.  I have a stash of single skeins of lace weight yarn but this needs 2 skeins. How to solve this dilemma?  There was only one thing to do - out came the dyes and pots!  I haven't been able to turn my hand to dyeing for the last 8 months so I was a little worried I'd have lost my touch. It seems I was wrong!

I've chosen a merino/bamboo blend for my cardigan and wanted something that reflected the changing autumnal leaves as summer fades to autumn. I think I've captured that with several passes through yellow, grey, brown and red dye baths!

The pattern is discounted by 40% for the next couple of days so pop over to Ravelry and grab it now!

Shamu xxx

Friday, 5 September 2014

Peek a boo!

Like a firebird, Shamu Makes is about to be resurrected.  After a very long break from dyeing and crafting as a result of ongoing personal issues I'm hoping to restart dyeing, with a plan to restart selling my yarn through Etsy. I'm hoping to attend a few craft fairs and yarn shows in the next few months if you are like me and like to squish yarn before purchasing - keep an eye on the blog to hear my news early.

Current WIPs include the beautiful Frangipani Shawl in some gorgeous Shamu Makes BFL sock yarn. I'm adding beads and it's stunning - I'll take a sneak preview picture this week.

Have fun with whatever you're up to this weekend

Shamu xxx