Monday, 22 September 2014

Weekend WIPs

It's been a busy week and weekend.  I took delivery of 9kg of yarn on Monday so spent a lot of the week dyeing and drying!

This lot

has been in part dyed and dried!

Just have to get it all labelled and photos taken for the Etsy shop!

This weekend has mostly been about singing - my daughter was singing with The IVY League Chorus for their last rehearsal before the annual LABBS convention in October and then on Sunday I spent the whole day with Capital Connection while we had a coaching session with the incredible Cindy Hansen.  

So there hasn't been a lot of time for knitting.

My Frangipani is nearly finished - pictures after blocking next week!  I've been adding beads in the lower half so am beading the cast off too.  It looks really pretty.

Not made much progress on anything else but I am hoping that I'll be updating next week with a new design all of my own!

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