Sunday, 7 September 2014

Needs must!

A couple of days ago, my Ravelry pattern feed showed me a stunning lace weight waterfall shaped open cardigan that I just had to purchase. Soubrette looks simple with an unusual construction but stunning once completed.  I have a stash of single skeins of lace weight yarn but this needs 2 skeins. How to solve this dilemma?  There was only one thing to do - out came the dyes and pots!  I haven't been able to turn my hand to dyeing for the last 8 months so I was a little worried I'd have lost my touch. It seems I was wrong!

I've chosen a merino/bamboo blend for my cardigan and wanted something that reflected the changing autumnal leaves as summer fades to autumn. I think I've captured that with several passes through yellow, grey, brown and red dye baths!

The pattern is discounted by 40% for the next couple of days so pop over to Ravelry and grab it now!

Shamu xxx

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